October 2018 Co-op Spotlight – Scotty Brown

Scotty Brown

Creative Force Behind Meek’s Social Media

by Tai Thrasher

Scotty and his wife, Paige, were married last May.

With more than two years of experience between a yard and the General Office, co-op Scotty Brown has a unique understanding of the various business functions at Meek’s. Scotty began his time in the Co-op Program in August 2016, as one of two load setters at the Kansas yard. As a load setter, his responsibility was to prepare lumber orders so that they were ready for the driver to deliver to the site. In June 2018, Scotty transferred to the General Office when a co-op position in the Marketing Department opened up.

As a Marketing Co-op, one of Scotty’s tasks is to help generate content for Meek’s social media platforms. In addition to the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence the company currently maintains, Scotty says the Marketing Department has been working to implement a blog as well. Content on the blog will range from educational materials and DIY projects, to company news and employee spotlights.

Scotty’s favorite part of working with social media is the opportunity it presents to exercise the skills he’s learned in the classroom, as well as acquire experience he can use throughout his career. In May 2019, Scotty graduates from Ozarks Technical Community College with a degree in electronic media production. This program teaches skills such as video and news production, audio engineering, and photography. Scotty says video production is what he works the most with at Meek’s. In fact, a video he made about pole barns has received more than 100,000 views!

“Everyone is treated with respect here, and I’ve made friends that I envision being friends with for a very long time.”

In addition to social media, Scotty also spends much of his time working with the sale tabloids that go out about once a month. Before the tabs go out, Scotty has to “price shop” for a list of 75-100 items. Price shopping involves researching what price competitors are selling a certain product for, and then reporting these prices to the Ad Committee. Based on this information, Ad Committee decides what price to sell items for in the tab.

Once the tabs go out, Scotty also has the responsibility of entering the advertised price of merchandise into Pro Comm or Falcon for all stores. Doing so allows the sale items to ring up at the correct price.

After more than two years with the company, Scotty can think of several reasons he’s thankful for his time at Meek’s. He states, “Working around my school schedule has been such a great thing. A lot of other jobs don’t offer that freedom.” He’s also appreciative of the friendly workplace environment, stating, “Everyone is treated with respect here, and I’ve made friends that I envision being friends with for a very long time.”

In the future, Scotty would like to own his own multimedia production business, working with photography and videography. In fact, this is a goal he’s been working toward for quite a while. He has been doing photography for three years now, primarily shooting portraits for couples and families, and the occasional event. Scotty explains that he has always been very creative, so studying multimedia production and making a career of it seemed to make sense.

Since beginning his position as a Marketing Co-op, Scotty has made several videos for Meek’s social media platforms. One of his videos about pole barns has received more than 93,000 views. 􀀁􀀂􀀃􀀄􀀅􀀆􀀇􀀄􀀈􀀇􀀉􀀄􀀊􀀋􀀌􀀍􀀄􀀎􀀌􀀉􀀏􀀂􀀐􀀄􀀆􀀇􀀉􀀄 other videos made by Scotty, on the Meek’s Facebook page.

Outside of photography and videography, Scotty has many other interests, including hiking, hunting, movies, and music. The top spot on Scotty’s list of favorite things is going to concerts. Through the years, Scotty has been to hundreds of concerts. He explains that many of the concerts haven’t necessarily been “big name” artists, but one of his favorites was Coldplay. He’s looking forward to taking his wife to see 21 Pilots and Ed Sheeran in a few weeks.

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