A DIY Project to Keep You Warm This Fall

DIY Romanstone Outdoor Fireplace

by Tai Thrasher

Romanstone Fireplace
Romanstone Fireplace


Romanstone Hardscapes specializes in outdoor living spaces. eir products help turn a tired backyard into a luxurious extension of the home. Whether a customer is looking to add paving stones, a fireplace, or even an outdoor kitchen, Romanstone Hardscapes can help. As the mornings and evenings begin to cool, the thought of an outdoor fireplace may sound appealing to many. Lucky for those hoping to add a little warmth to their backyard, they can purchase a DIY Romanstone outdoor fireplace kit at their local Meek’s yard.

􀀉􀂇􀂃􀂖􀂗􀂔􀂇􀂕􀀃􀂑􀂈􀀃􀂖􀂊􀂇􀀃􀆤􀂔􀂇􀂒􀂎􀂃􀂅􀂇􀀃􀂍􀂋􀂖􀀃􀂋􀂐􀂅􀂎􀂗􀂆􀂇􀇣􀀃Features of the fireplace kit include:􀀉􀂇􀂃􀂖􀂗􀂔􀂇􀂕􀀃􀂑􀂈􀀃􀂖􀂊􀂇􀀃􀆤􀀉􀂇􀂃􀂖􀂗􀂔􀂇􀂕􀀃􀂑􀂈􀀃􀂖􀂊􀂇􀀃􀆤􀂔􀂇􀂒􀂎􀂃􀂅􀂇􀀃􀂍􀂋􀂖

  • 􀁒􀀵 All inclusive kit: No cutting or chiseling required
  • 􀁒􀀵 DIY instructions for homeowners and builders
  • 􀁒􀀵 Two stone colors to choose from
  • 􀁒􀀵 Top cap to keep the elements out
  • 􀁒􀀵 Fire brick lined firebox that adds durability
  • 􀁒􀀵 Smoke chamber that provides proper draft
Fireplace at Store
Available at every Meek’s location.

Romanstone_LogoUpon completion of the DIY Romanstone fireplace kit, the customer will not only have a warm and beautiful outdoor space, but a sense of satisfaction seeing their handiwork on display. Midwest Products Group is the Meek’s supplier for Romanstone Hardscapes products. To learn more about the Romanstone outdoor fireplace kit, or download the DIY instructions, visit their website at http://romanstone.com/buy/shop-diy-kits/fremont-fireplace-kits

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