Product Feature: Oscillating Tools

The Most Versatile Tool on the Market

By: Tai Thrasher

VC60_RasplgOver the past ten years, oscillating tools, also referred to as multi-tools, have become a popular choice from professionals to do-it-yourselfers. A few key factors have contributed to the rise in popularity of this versatile tool.

The first can be attributed to a decrease in price. In 2008, the patent for the Fein MultiMaster expired. Prior to 2008, if customers wanted to purchase an oscillating tool,  the MultiMaster was their only option, and they had to be willing to pay a price of $400. Ten years later, almost all tool manufacturers have their own version of an oscillating tool, and one can be purchased for under $100.

The second reason for an increase in the use of oscillating tools is their impressive wide range of capabilities. With the proper attachments, oscillating tools can be used for sanding, cutting, scraping, grinding, and polishing. A person can remove grout, scrape gunk off the floor, remove trim without damage, cut metal, or trim a shim, all with one oscillating tool. Additionally, they are easy to use, and can be utilized in tight spaces where other tools wouldn’t possibly fit.

dewalt 1Oscillating tools work with a high-speed, side-to-side movement (up to 30,000 strokes per minute). The movement is so fast, it feels more like the tool is vibrating when in use. Meek’s carries oscillating tools in brands such as Dewalt and Dremel.

Meek’s also carries the Imperial Blades brand of oscillating accessories. Imperial Blades is an American manufacturer that offers oscillating blade anchors, allowing their blades to fit every tool on the market. These blades are manufactured with high-quality materials designed for professional grade performance and longevity.

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